Rakers Ontwerpt identity


This new website found it’s origin in the businesscards I made lately. They are still waiting to be trimmed, but all the pressing and setting has been done. It was a ton of fun to produce my own cards all by hand. Every letter was set by hand and the wordmark was set, printed, spaced and printed again untill it was perfect.

After a full day’s work in the typefoundry at the ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design in Zwolle I had my letters all set! I find it really satisfactioning to work like this. It takes a lot of time, but it is so worth it. The wordmark has been set using a medium bold Helvetica (24 and 18 pts) and the information beneath it was set using a Bookman Old Style 10 on 12 pts.

lood4The week after I made some try-outs with different ornaments that were added (or not) and choose my paper. We (I wasn’t allowed to opperate that huge papercutter on my own) cut the pieces of paper roughly to size and the print matter was prepared for the press. The press (a Hohner Rapid II) was prepared and the fun could begin, but due to some laws and regulations I also wasn’t allowed to opperate the press. Which isn’t a bad thing because the machine could easily chop of your hand and just keep going…

After we finished the first batch on some simple off-white sturdy 300 grs. paper we tried something else. A more cardboardbox-brown paper. Also a lot thinner then the white version, but it has a nice effect. The slick font of the wordmark really contrasts nice with the brown paper.

And like I said, everything is printed, but just needs to be trimmed. When everything is finished these little work of arts (if I may say so) will be added to the Graphic cathegory. You can be sure of that.


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