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A Horse Named Sadness, Leftovers & Lost Sessions (artwork by Laurence Harms)

Last post I mentioned the Golden Receivers, remember? If not scroll down and read… Well as it turns out they just released their new EP. It can be downloaded and listend to online over at Bandcamp (including all the older EP’s). The first four songs are newer ones and are also of a different style, but I prefer that one. The other ones are older and leftovers. Crotch rocket being my personal favourite for a long time… Nice to finaly have a recorder version of this song! The EP isn’t called “A Horse Named Sadness, Leftovers & Lost Sessions” for nothing.

Don’t get too excited because the band is planning on calling it a day (which doesn’t mean the band members stop making music). Too bad, but I hope this new style will get some more attention (especially from their guitarist) and untill then…fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Golden Treasure

Searching through my works to post up on this website I stumbled upon the cover I designed a few years ago for the first EP by the Golden Receivers! I am still really proud of my very first, mass produced album cover. The band are friends of mine and I am glad they came to me for the design. They are now working on a third EP which should be released very soon. I already listened to the songs and they are completely different, but in a very good way (for the connoiseurs; more in the direction of ‘Explosions in the Sky‘). Longer songs with more dynamics and less vocals. Click below to go directly to the page or navigate your way through the menu above.

Album cover - Golden Receivers

PS: I also added some package shots to the Travelogue “Ich Hab’s”. You can now check out the complete movie and view the box it comes in.

Working class hero

Jeez, building this portfolio takes a lot more time then I thought. Currently I am bussy exporting and uploading various movies onto my YouTube account. If there is one thing I learned during my study, it is that exporting or rendering movies always takes you thrice the time you thought it would. Something goes wrong, codec isn’t right, sound is screwed up, images is distorted… I should just stick to photography and graphic work I guess, hehe. Despite all those trouble I hereby declare the Video & Animation section opened! You can now see my first flipbook, the big ass Travelogue I did together with a fellow student and a preview of the pMp Lab #0708 rehearsels:

If you take a good look you can even spot Miss Montreal in the dressing room! Ow, hell, she is already in the preview picture I see now.

And in the category manual labor: I am so glad I found back this tutorial on book making: The Basic Binding of Books by Jamier Butler. Go read it and go do it!