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A Horse Named Sadness, Leftovers & Lost Sessions (artwork by Laurence Harms)

Last post I mentioned the Golden Receivers, remember? If not scroll down and read… Well as it turns out they just released their new EP. It can be downloaded and listend to online over at Bandcamp (including all the older EP’s). The first four songs are newer ones and are also of a different style, but I prefer that one. The other ones are older and leftovers.¬†Crotch rocket being my personal favourite for a long time… Nice to finaly have a recorder version of this song!¬†The EP isn’t called “A Horse Named Sadness, Leftovers & Lost Sessions” for nothing.

Don’t get too excited because the band is planning on calling it a day (which doesn’t mean the band members stop making music). Too bad, but I hope this new style will get some more attention (especially from their guitarist) and untill then…fingers crossed and hope for the best.