Do not remove the four leaf clover from your Wii. It is Nintendo's secret to motion sensing.

On this dull and snowy Monday morning I received an e-mail from a colleague for an upcoming event about infographics. Since I have made a few infographics for GriDD consultancy in the last year he thought I would be interested. Hell yeah I am! Infographics ask for such a different style of thinking and analysing compared to the way I worked in art school… Maybe it is my two years of University and the technical study I attended that make me hungry for big truckloads of info that need to be visually explained. Who knows?

Anyway the 5th of March we will be off to the little town of Zeist (near Utrecht) to attend InfographICs 2010! Really looking forward to this since Charles Blow is having a lecture in the morning. Since “he led The New York Times to a best of show award for the information graphics coverage of 9/11” I don’t suspect it to be boring. If you just read this and don’t know what infographics actually are you should just go and have a look over at Smashing Magazine’s article about Data Visualization and Infographics. Very, uh, informative.

Rakers Ontwerpt business cards

Well, folowing the business cards of Kristine earlier this week it is now time for my own cards. I wrote a post about the production a while ago and maybe it’s just me, but designing and producing your own business cards is really satisfying. The wordmark has been set using a medium bold Helvetica (24 and 18 pts) and the information beneath it was set using a Bookman Old Style 10 on 12 pts. I have to be honest… The cards were long finished, but I haven’t had the time to take some decent pictures of them. Untill I shot Kristine’s that is!  Go click below and enjoy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Just finished a very small and quick assignment for a relative. People who just graduated (or maybe also years after) will recognise the situation where a family member asks you to ‘design a pretty *fill in what you do best*’. The few times I did that before taught me to stay away from situations like this, but this one needed to be done… The relative has her own beauty salon with pedicure at home. Here business had two different fonts, 4 different font styles and the complete colour spectrum was present. It was literally screaming for a redesign. And so I did. Just click on the image below to see more.

Business cards Kristine Lambertz

Because she is just running a small business the number of prints was also very low. Because of that I decided to try out an online business card printer called Moocards. I must say that they did a really nice job. You can either upload your own designs (like I did) or use some standard templates. The fonts are not really complete as I heard they use some faux bold for their bold typefaces. Too bad, but as long as you used your own designs there is nothing wrong with it!