What the Gregg?

Thanks, Gregg!

During the last two years I have been working at TriMM I also did some smaller assignments for the in-house consultancy agency GriDD. It started of with some small DTP-ing and tweaking businessmodels and presentations but it’s getting bigger and better. Last year I made an infographic that represented the new office we were going to move to and it was a gift ofor TriMM. Since last year NXP and some other major clients got me and GriDD all worked up about infographics. I really like working on these visuals and wanted to thanks GriDD for those fine jobs.

As a sidekick and to help out in their presentations GriDD asked Sjors Trimbach to design a character. And so Gregg was born! One year ago Gregg saw the light of ‘day’ and as a celebration different artists were asked to make a drawing/sketch/piece of art. In a few minutes time I made my share which came in handy since the planned artist couldn’t make it! Thanks Gregg for all the nice work you have brought me!