Dat Wasser vun Kölle es jot

Well, I have all moved to Cologne with my girlfriend now. Things are coming along nicely, but it always takes up massive amounts of time before you are really —and I mean really, really— settled. Good thing I like to work with my hands and have a nice tool collection to work with. Kitchens needed to be built, closets needed the be set up and chairs needed to be painted. Sometimes I think I should become a carpenter! Little bit of the product designer in me that makes my fingers itch, I guess.

Working with my hands is what I like and that made me think of some old school work I did that wasn’t on the website already. Simple redesign of a matchbox and some ‘shoebox’ pictures based on the lyrics of DJ Shadows Six Days. Apart from the schoolwork there is a lot more that needs to be uploaded, but I have to get approval from the big bosses first… Very frustrating to have very nice work laying on the shelve, but you can’t show it to the world… Aargh! To hell with legal issues!

Ow and by the way, the titled is written in the dialect of Cologne meaning “the water of Cologne is good”. Since it is pooring with rain today I thought it was appropriate.