Lighting sets the mood

Garden Lights ConceptOnce in a while you might rediscover some older work you completely forgot about. Last week I did. While looking for work to publish on my portfolio I stumbled upon this project I did about a year ago.

The idea was to create a unique and special display for a garden light company. They already had some nice brochures with good looking photography and an own personalised display in several outdoor/garden shops, but I wanted to take it a bit further

As I said, there already was some graphic expressions and the company also had a website already. I analysed the brochure and it basically showed two layers of information:

  1. Technical specifications
  2. Application

I wanted to combine those two with a third one. The next step should be the experience. What does your garden look like when certain lighting elements are used? Different moods had to be visualised so that customers can relate to that and imagine what it might do for their garden.

I won’t explain the whole process and everything I tried or made, but it basicly came down to the idea to create an animation that incorporates all of the above points including the experience. The animation can be used on the web (as a really interactive one) or on a screen incorporated into the display in the store. Either way it shows the same, but the web version is easier to interact with.

Animation sketches Animation sketches Animation sketches Animation sketches

I made a lot of sketches and eventually came down to an animation that shows a dark garden at first. Then lights pop-up everywhere and turn on. The user can now interact with the animation and move the camera over it’s track (and by doing so all the lamps are shown one by one) and make a tour around the garden. Individual lamps can be turned on and off or selected to check more details specification.

I took a lot of inspiration from the following two clips. The first one shows a scene from the movie Fight Club where we zoom in on an IKEA brochure and litherally are inside the page. Great use of text and lighting, this is exactly as I imagened the animation should be:

The second one is a clip from a commercial from a Dutch hardware store. It visualises the start of the Garden Lights animation I had in mind:

These two clips were really showing my whole idea and as a last teaser I created this film still in Photoshop as a possible shot from the Garden Lights animation:

Garden Lights Animation

Too bad the animation never really made it due to money problems, but hey, that’s wat concepting is about too. Just make great ideas and not really focussing on the constraints at first. Atleast it was a very fun project to work on!