Worker Bee

Philipp grinding his teeth over a project in art school (February 2008)It’s been really quiet around here lately I know and I kind of regret it, but on the other hand I am not really in the mood for writing a lot these days. I am partially working on another personal blog that’ll be more focused on my ‘new’ life in Cologne. I don’t think I am an artist in the true sense of the word, but a part of the artist inside me screams that this big change in my life cannot go unnoticed. To still that hunger I am planning to blog. Also to keep my family and friends posted of my well being (and doing!).

To be honest I have been pretty bussy with working at TriMM lately. We decided to postpone my farewell at TriMM so that gives me and them a bit more time to find a next job/co-worker. Just yesterday I made a list with all the web related work I want to add to this site so that potential employers get a better idea and picture of me. Or atleast my work.

Updates will be made, but for now let me reward you with a nice link to 50 great examples of infographics!