1978 Koga-Miyata Gents TouringTime for a personal update. Last weekend my parents came over. Dad hadn’t seen my appartement as it looks now with all the furniture and after a few months of living in it. My girlfriend and I have a preference for old 50’s furniture so we got our hands on a nice Strinning wall shelf and some nice Danish design-ish couch with chairs. This taste for old things is something we share and the fact that my dad had is original 1978 Koga-Miyata Gent’s Touring standing in the garage for the last 25 years was itching. Being interested in technical stuff, bike, bycicles and cars I mentioned it a few months ago already. That the bike should be better off in my house. Warm, dry and getting some exercise… Nothing happened, but that was everything I expected. Not a word since then and this weekend my dad handed me an old envelope. On the outside the adress and name of an old bikeshop in Hengelo was printed (lead type, you can feel it!). Inside was the original bill for this vintage touring bike. He really brought it with him as a present!

I will make a more detailed post about the bike, it’s parts and the state of it all later on. For now I am just too excited about it! I want to make it shiny and polish the hell out of it. After that it will be taken for a spin once in a while, preferably with sunny and dry weather.