1978 Koga Miyata Gents Touring

Miyata head badge

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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 13th, 2011: I received scans from the original spec sheet from the Gent’s Touring from a fellow rider and put them into a PDF on my site. As soon as I receive the other scans I may be able to upload specs for all the bikes from 1978.
Read more and download the 1978 Specification Sheet here.

In the last few days I have done a lot of research on this bike, but it isn’t always that easy. I found out that the Koga-website offers all the brochures in PDF (from 1976). Most of them also have a list of parts for every bike mentioned in the brochure. Except the one from 1978. With my Gents Touring in it. So, I just have to cross check the parts used in the ’77 and ’79 model and compare them with what is installed on my bike.

Right, I promised a more in depth look at the bike so let’s get started with that! Since I already took some things apart, the pictures might show a strange looking bike here and there, but bear with me!

Mavic Module 3 27"I started working on the front of the bike so the front wheel has been taken out and the tire and tube removed. The tire is a Wolber wire tire and according to the text on the side it’s a 27 x 1 1/8″ size (see pictures below). The rim is a Mavic Module 3. Funny thing is that the sticker on the rim reads “27 x 1  1/4″ Utiliser impérativement une méche fond de jante largeur 17 m/m” which is French for ‘use a 17 mm wide rim tape’ and yet the original tire is of a 1 1/8″ width exactly like the brochure tells and the rim tape isn’t 17 mm, but 18 mm. Strange, but I am sure the tire is the original one. Any way I already ordered new tires and tubes because I don’t want to wear the original ones out. I couldn’t get my hands on an original Wolber tire (are they still even produced?) so the Continental Ultra Sport will have to do.

27" Mavic Module 3 rimsThe rims are made of aluminum and using a brillo-like sponge with water and soap (dishwashing detergent) I cleaned of the brake pad dirt and got rid of most of the oxidation.  After the cleaning I started polishing the aluminum with Commandant 4 and a simple towel. It takes some elbow grease  and time, but it sure pays off! The right part in the photo has been polished after cleaning.

Shimano Tourney (BB-100)Along with the tire I removed and disassembled the front brake. The caliper has Shimano Tourney (model BB-100) written on the front, but the dual extension brake levers read Shimano Del 50 (model MB-110). I presume “Del” stands for dual extension lever. This is one of the parts where I am unsure about what the right name or type is… Do the levers belong to the calipers or are they really two different types? What I did found is a very nice set of scans somewhere on the interwebs from a Shimano Tourney catalog from 1972. I took the effort of putting them together into one PDF-file and even OCR-ed them (that means you can search for text inside the image scans). I will host the Shimano Tourney Caliper Brakes catalog for everyone (right-click to save PDF).

Shimano Del 50 dual extension leverThe brakes got the same treatment as the rims. First washing in some mild detergent and after that a good rub with Commandant 4. I am still looking for a way to ‘seal’ the bare aluminum. If that is necessary, but I think the aluminum will start to oxidize easier without wax, lacquer or any other kind of protective coat on it.

Well, that’s about all the parts I have removed untill now. Let’s get on to the other aspects of the bike… Just a simple list of images you can flip through. The name, brand, type of it will be in the description. So click away and enjoy!

Tire - Wolber W25 (27 x 1 1/8")
Tire – Wolber W25 (27 x 1 1/8″)

Front hub - Shimano HC-110 (high flange & 36 holes)
Front hub – Shimano HC-110 (high flange & 36 holes)

Shifters - Shimano 600 SL-6100
Shifters – Shimano 600 SL-6100

Front derailleur - Shimano 60 (600 series?)
Front derailleur – Shimano 60 (600 series?)

Rear derailleur - Shimano 600, RD-6100
Rear derailleur – Shimano 600, RD-6100

Crank set - SR Apex ???
Crank set – SR Royal LA-5

Saddle & Seatpost - Ariake Jaguar & SR Laprade
Saddle & Seatpost – Ariake Jaguar & SR Laprade

Saddle bag- Koga Miyata '78
Saddle bag- Koga Miyata ’78

Bidon and cage - Koga Miyata '78
Bidon and cage – Koga Miyata ’78

Air pump - Karasawa
Air pump – Karasawa

Pedal & Toe clip - KKT Top Run & KKT Large
Pedal & Toe clip – KKT Top Run & KKT Large

Rear caliper brake with quick release - Shimano Tourney (BB-100)
Rear caliper brake with quick release – Shimano Tourney (BB-100)

Rear free hub - Shimano HC-110 (high flange)
Rear free hub – Shimano HC-110 (high flange)

Head set - Tange MA-60 Race
Head set – Tange MA-60 Race

8 thoughts on “1978 Koga Miyata Gents Touring

  1. dag pim,
    heel interessant wat je doet, vooral omdat ik net ben begonnen met het grondig opknappen van mijn gent’s uit 1978.
    wellicht voor jou interessant is het specificatieblad 1978 dat ik heb, stuur je graag een kopietje,
    vriendelijke groet,
    rem dekker

    • Hallo Rem, Leuk dat je mijn pagina hier hebt gevonden en hopelijk heb je er ook nog iets aan. Ik ben zeker wel geïnteresseerd in het specificatieblad, want die heb ik zelf nog niet. Ik zal je wel even mailtje sturen, zodat je ook mijn adres hebt! Als je nog vragen over de fiets hebt dan help ik je natuurlijk ook graag verder (niet dat ik een expert ben, maar aangezien ik de mijn ook al helemaal uit elkaar heb getrokken weet ik er wel wat van nu ;))
      Gr. Pim

  2. Ha,

    Leuk artikel en ik kwam bij het artikel omdat ik op zoek ben naar een witte bidon zoals is afgebeeld. Ik ben net klaar met de restauratie van mijn Koga uit 1975. Veertig jaar lang heb ik die bewaard met alle originele onderdelen met uitzondering van……………….juist, die witte bidon. Weet jij hoe ik daaraan kan komen? Graag een reactie naar mijn emailadres.



    • Hoi. Hier ligt een witte Koga bidon uit ’76 . Ook heb ik nog een set originele Koga 27″ banden en een ongebruikte stuurbocht.
      Laat maar even weten. Groet van Albert Hofman Uit Leeuwarden

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