1978 Koga Miyata Gents Luxe

Well, after the first one I redid another one soon made it’s entrance and I am just talking about bicycles here. My father’s old Gent’s Touring is now all complete and in use. Last sunday I took it for a spin since it was such nice (and cold!) weather. The lighting was awesome and made for some very nice photo’s. Just look at her al shining in the cold freezing sun shine!

1978 Koga Miyata Gent's Touring in the sun shine

The second bike that showed up was the old Gent’s Luxe from my uncle. This used to be a more race specific bike. No lighting, no fenders, smaller cogs and such. Most interesting thing are the front chain rings and the brake levers. They are all drilled out to save some weight. I had to buy a new stem for it, because the one that came with it was just really ugly looking… So after a month of cleaning and polishing it all ended very nice ¬†and clean. Take a look!

1978 Koga Miyata Gent's Luxe

This beauty is on eBay now, I’ll only ship it in Germany, but it can be picked up at the end of the auction. Happy bidding :)

7 thoughts on “1978 Koga Miyata Gents Luxe

  1. Hi, those are some great looking bikes.
    I’m restoring a 1978 gent’s luxe too, but I’m having trouble finding the paint to touch it up. Did you source some, or was your frame pristine?

    • The frame was in really good condition so I didn’t need to make touch-ups. If the damage is not too big you can also cover it up with some clear lacquer to stop possible rust from spreading. Otherwise you’ll have to mix some paint by yourself, try using scale model lacquer paint from Revell or Humbrol.

  2. Sorry for bothering i got my self the same model and i dont know much about it so if you have some information about it could you please share it

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