World Class Customer Management

WCCM JournalBusy weeks lately… I have been working on some books the last time. And, damn, do I love that! Both projects will get their own pages in the ‘Graphic’ section, but I wanted to give a small preview already. First of all there was a large project for Alliander. Alliander is a large network manager of the electric grid in the Netherlands. About five years ago they launched a large internal program to boost customer satisfaction. It was called the World Class Customer Management, or WCCM in short.

It took five years, but a lot has happened during that time and it’s not over yet. Although they wanted to wrap up this first part of the ‘journey’. Finish it with a inspiring book and not just your average binder with hundreds of graph’s, figures and a lot of numbers. Instead colleague R. pitched the idea of making a sort of journal about the whole WCCM journey. Alliander liked the idea a lot and gave us a lot of freedom to let us do what we are good at. Creating an individual and creative solution to their problem.

Polaroids and Post-It notes ready to be glued in the bookAs said, R. pitched the initial idea and after a kickoff together with the customer and a copywriter I took over and was responsible for the design and the overall result. A bit much I thought at first, but it all went well. Feels nice when you know that everybody want’s to make something awesome! The final idea was to create a sort of journal that was the traveling journal of some fictitious person during the whole time WCCM was running. We had to look for a nice blend of personal touches and of course some inescapable longer pieces of text. In the end we succeeded and added Polaroids and Post-It notes to the personal pages. Both by design and by font these two forms of information were seperated.

The book was such a big hit that the initial batch of 40 pieces was already followed by a second batch of 90 books. Before they even saw the final result! When they did see it a third batch had to be made, 125 pieces. Last batch, but still over 250 books instead of the 40 that were planned. After all, the WCCM journal was a big hit inside Alliander, but also at TriMM. For me personally it was a big chance do create something that was tangible and not only online. We did create an online version too though, but I focused more on the book itself. I think we can be proud of the results and Alliander can too. What a nice way to end this year!

This project will get it’s own page later on which will show you more of the content and the online version too. Patience…