Freshing things up

Well, since I was updating some content on my website I also tweaked the theme a bit. Started from scratch with a blank theme so this one is almost only made by me. Almost.As for my future: I started sketching some of my résumé ideas, but I’m also thinking of turning it into a small animation. Just something simple in AFX, we’ll see what comes out. As for now, you’ll have to do with this funny facial picture.

Faces everywhere!

PS: Notice the fancy randomized header image I added, sweeet!


It’s not that I am a lazy sun’bitch, but I am just super bussy right now. It’s only two months before I have to find and start my new job somewhere here in Cologne (or just outside of it) and I just keep pushing it ahaed of me. The intented daily comic didn’t really work out and made me think a lot about this picture (and the I mean that right panel). So I layed of the drawing and focused more on my job and my bikes. I have been riding a lot lately, but I won’t bother you with the details. I do want to bother you with the fact that I am planning to ride the Eroica next year… Would you just look at this:

But I shouldn’t get a head of myself. First there will have to be another job, but before that happens I am back into updating my portfolio, start writing my résumé, design and create my portfolio (analog or cd?), getting letters of recommendation from my mananger and maybe some clients and whole lot more… Wish me luck!