“The” Project


One of the things I really like in the field of graphic design is typografy. What is even better, is handmade typografy! I came across this beautiful project via Little Paper Planes (on Facebook) called “‘The’ Project”. Robb Ogle from houndofthe.com already has some impressive font designs in his portfolio, but he used wordmarks from a private stock of predigital lettering scoured from low resolution archives and turn it into clean, straigh bezier curves. He only extracted the word ‘the’, hence the name of the project for use by today’s graphic designers who appreciate the wonky shapes of yesteryear. That’s me!

Make sure you go have a look over at the special website he created for this project www.thetheproject.com!

The Garden of Paradise


Help me get a job as a designer!


Damn. Getting a new job is tougher than I anticipated… Just wanted to keep this blog alive so I’ll just show off the result of my procrastination.

Ow, and big news; I added my portfolio to the About-page. You can go there now or you can just download it here directly. It’s just a simple PDF (2,6 MB) with some of my works and a resumé. It is in German, allthough this blog is in English. I tend to write easier in English than in German, but on the other hand, when applying for jobs in the Cologne area I can’t send out a resumé in English, now can I? ;)