New workhorse: Pedaleur Criterium

Pedaleur Criterium
Since yesterday there has been a new bike in my posession. It’s a really weird meltinpot of all kind of brands and ages. The frame is probably from 1975 (since 75 is stamped in the head tube) and most of the parts are also from that period. Except for the back wheel: it has a Fiamme rim from the 50’s and an old french Pelissier Model Plume hub. I think the bike has been costum made by a bikeshop in Doetinchem called ‘Pedaleur’. Worht mentioning is the bottom bracket lug, I think that is a Nervex Pro lug, allthough the other lugs aren’t.

I’ll post up a nice list of all the parts later, for now you’ll just have to do with this gallery.

I am currently bussy disassembling the whole bike and all its parts, make a list of all the parts brands, models and year of manufacturing. After that they get cleaned, polished and the whole bike will be put back together!


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