The Official 1978 Gent’s Touring Specifications

Everyone who owns (or thinks he owns) a Koga Miyata bike from 1978 will have run into the fact that the specifications sheet for that year isn’t online on the Koga website. All the other years are represented with a brochure showing all the different bikes and their spec sheets except 1978. For that year only the folder with the pictures of the bikes can be found.

Untill I received a comment from Mr. Dekker. He told me he was just starting to take his Gent’s Touring (GT) from 1978 apart and asked me if I was interested in the spec sheet. Of course I was! He mailed me some scans that I put together in 1 PDF-document. It can be downloaded below (and also shows the Road Mixed and the Silver Ace):

1978 Koga Miyata Gent’s Touring Specifications Sheet

I also asked him to mail me scans from the complete booklet so that it can be added to the Koga website, but I haven’t heard from him since. Mr. Dekker in case you read this would you be so kind to mail me those scans? Thanks a lot!

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