Work hard, Play hard

Pardon my french, but damn… It has been more than three months since the last post (which was also the last time I took the Koga for a spin) and I sure as hell doesn’t feel like that. Me moving to Cologne wasn’t really stressy, or weird for me, but the last few months have been. My new job is making me getting out of my comfortzone and that is a really, really good thing. I am learning new things all the time, but that also maybe because of the fact that I can be like a sponge when it comes to new things. I want to learn it, do it, practice it and get better at it. That is, when I like doing it of course.

I somehow losttouch with printed graphic design over the last few years, all though that is what I really like. Getting back into sites like,, and the like makes me getting back on track with all that. I felt a bit like a fat kid in a candy store when I saw the previews of a magazin called Typojournal. I bought myself the last two (and the only one available) issues and they arrived today. Man is that some nice reading material. Issue two is all about wayfinding and signage and number three is all about the letter ‘ß’. Sometimes called German B, but in Germany it’s called “Eszet” (pronounced: as|tset, with emphasis on the ‘as’-part). Now I only have to find the time to read it, but that’s why I’ll keep this post short!