Blood orange sunday

So, after another long pause (I’m not even going to apologies) I write you to just let you know I fixed some minor bugs in the website and having a kid takes up a lot of time. Christmas was very nice. It was good to have a really slow pace after a few hectic weeks at home. We stayed at my in laws and I (and my wife too) was happy to give of the lady to grandma, grandpa or aunt every once in a while. We even had a super brunch –just the two of us!– at the second day of christmas at the restaurant we went to at our wedding. It’s called Riphahn. Named after the famous architect Wilhelm Riphahn who designed a lot of buildings in Cologne.

Image by Hildchen

A part from work and my little family, I am still working on the granny bike for my wife. Since the last post a lot has happened (but I also could have finished it completely in that time) and today I started giving the frame it’s color. The fenders, their stays and the front fork are already done, but the frame and the rear lugagerack get some special attention. The color looks like some sort of orange, but it is more of a ‘light’ red. The can (this paintjob is done with rattle cans) says it’s “blood orange red” and exactly what she wanted. When the frame is finished it will be taken to my favorite bikeshop were the bottom bracket will be pressed in (it’s bigger than a standard BSA BB) and the head set will be placed in the frame and on the front fork.

Frame in blood orange red.

Well, all that is left now is to wish every reader a very nice “silvester” and a good start in 2013. I don’t have any good intentions for 2013 other than to have more quality. Quality time when spending it with my family or quality goods when I buy new shoes or a jacket. Have a nice party and a blast in the next year!