A-Frame Dollhouse

A-Frame Dollhouse

Last week my wife finished¬† an awesome and cute doll for our little girls birthday and now it is my turn…¬† A few years ago I stumbled upon this old Do It Yourself dollhouse on a Blog called Dinosaurs and Robots. Back then I just bookmarked it and kind of forgot about it. Untill now…

A-frame doll house
A-frame dollhouse

The post (which are scans from the 1961 December issue of Sunset Magazine) luckily had a picture of the old assembly steps and measurements so I had a nice starting point! I just finished converting all the dimensions from inches to millimeters and visited the local hardware store to see what standard dimensions they stock. Currently I am working on some new “technical” drawings to work with.

A-frame doll house - Dimensions
A-frame dollhouse – Dimensions

The A-frames will be made with simple 5×15 mm and 5×20 mm pine slats (with a small piece of 5 mm poplar plywood). The bottom, the roof, all the walls, and the loft floor will be made of 6 mm thick beech plywood. I still have to check if the sizes match the few dolls she already has, but if that is right too I can start right away!


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