Ride with the Classics, May 2014

Ride with the Classics, May 2014

Every once in a while when I can squeeze in a free sunday morning I like to ride my 30+ y.o. roadbike. I inherited it from my dad (who is still among us, mind you not!), because it was just standing in the garage for a really, really, really long time. And when I am not touring on my own, what better way is there then to tour with a whole bunch of other classic roadbikes? In comes the “Klassikerausfahrt” or classic drive, which is just a bunch of people who like to ride. Bikes. That’s it! Or as they describe it

No club, no obligation, no labels, only the simple pleasure of old racing bikes. Hip or unhip? Doesn’t matter. Dirty fingernails from working, heavy legs from driving and a closet full of trashy jerseys. A penchant for pop culture, good books & movies. Coffee, steel & hot wheels

Classic Ride, May 2014

Because I live in Cologne and normally don’t ride my car to ride my bike somewhere, I was kind of blown away by the beautiful roads and hills that they picked out this time. It was said that the ride would contain some nice hills and some climbs, which did kind of “scare” me having no experience with hills at all. Turned out that concern wasn’t necessary, I “won” a sprint to the top and another guy (who rode a stunning sky blue RIH Elan) complimented me on how I dropped him (abgehängt). Always nice to hear that! Also I just have to say it again and thank the guys who made this ride possible!

Starting point and finish (both with hot coffee and cake) is at Ricci Sports. A great looking bikeshop from a great guy. I have the feeling he is some what of a legend… Scottish, very friendly and his shop is just crammed with old cycling memorabilia…

Wall of Fame More races than Eddy Merckx! Never enough!

You can find the route on their Strava page or more about the group and the next ride on the Klassikerausfahrt Homepage. Ride hard!

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    • I haven’t, but I won’t be attending it either though… I think I will join the Rommerskirchen tour on the 7th of June. That marks one year in which I have only ridden my bike 3 times (on decent tours, apart from commutes)… It’s sad.

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