Workcycles’ Kr8 Cargobike

An all black Workcycles' Kr8 with black tent — Image: Henrys Flickr-account
An all black Workcycles’ Kr8 with black tent — Image: Henrys Flickr-account

Just a small sign of life… In between the daily ruckus of work, family and finding time to have a few moments for my own we have made a decision at the beginning of June we should have made a lot earlier (especially considering the waiting time…). We finally ordered our bakfiets, or cargobike for you non-Dutch readers.

In my search for the right bike I quickly was aware that good things come with a price. We don’t want a cargobike to just have some fun in the weekends and let it rot away on the sidewalk in the winter… First of all it is too expensive and second of all it’s way too much fun and easier to run errands on a bike instead of a car or by foot. While browsing through the web in my search for our cargobike, Babboe quickly turned up to be not so cool. Or maybe I just should say that you get what you pay for. is a notch up in price and in quality, but then a new Workcycles project caught my eye. The Kr8.  Henry from Workcycles has been selling cargobikes und his own name after making some small adjustements and using some other parts and after ten years he wanted to take the “old” Bakfiets-frame and give it an overhaul and make it better. He did and together with Dyntec they mad an ingenious frame and box design that makes for better shipping and using the same rear-end and the same box, either a two-wheeled or a three-wheeled version can be built!

Long story short, we placed our order at the beginning of June and through some problems in the factory we still are waiting on our bike… I must say that after all the mailing back and forth and apologies from Workcycles (for things they clearly cannot control) Henry offered a free shipment of our bike, which I think is really fair!