In a white room

In a white room

On and off I had some time to work on the little shed in the garden and in the garden itself. We are still planning the layout, but for the shed we have some ideas and put first things in motion to get it just the way we like it.

The Shed

After all the tiles were removed, all the walls were giving a simple coat of plaster to get rid off the ugly structure that was on it before and to hide the naked concrete wall that the tiles revealed.

After the plaster dried (which took a while and meanwhile I had fired up a gas heater to help in the process) I painted the walls with two coats of white paint. Everything looks like new and way better as before.

I also started planning the solar set-up to provide us with some power during the darker hours. For now we will just be using it to light up the shed, but eventually I would like to put in a converter and power a simple fridge with it (cold beer, yeah!). First I had to figure out which cable lead to where and what it used to do (see the cables tangling from the ceiling). They will all be tucked away under the old corner seat together with the battery. I made a wooden compartment including a voltmeter for the battery and two ammeters to monitor amps coming in from the solar panel and the amps that go out and are being used at the moment. I think I will write another post about the electrics, because it took me some time and fiddling, but tests it with a 9 volt battery were successful!

The Garden

Not much was done in the garden itself. I gave myself some sore muscles by slamming on a big piece of concrete. The former owners thought it was a good idea to give the grill a (almost pure) concrete foundation with a volume of  about one cubic meter. The thing is rocksolid and very hard to break up without power tools. We blew the fuse when we took a chisel hammer to it, so I might need to rent a petrol powered one.

Something that did was a success was the old pond. After we cleared it out I took out the old foil and shoved all the old plants and dirt back into the hole. We’ll let that sit and sink in and top it of with a bit more dirt to make it al level and nice and even.

Last action we took was on the sour cherry: we attached some bricks on strings to the lower branches to make them grow horizontally outwards. This way it will catch more sun, cast more shadow below and hopefully produce more and better fruits! I guess we need a few months before we can find out. That is something I already like about this garden and gardening as a whole. It takes time. Much, much time.

Like I said, I will write a post about the electrics and how I connected everything together. Maybe in the end it will be superfluous, but at least I had fun building and planning it!