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… makes Jack a dull boy.

It’s true. I suck at blogging. I have a lot to write about, but cannot find the time to put it all on ‘paper’. Following my Instagram or Facebook feed will make it a lot easier.

I will be adding a lot of new work to my portfolio and maybe even do a small redesign to this theme. That paper header and the changing images might not be perfect.

Here’s a picture of my faded jeans. You can make out my bicycle saddle if you try.

This fade is brought to you by Brooks England Ltd.

Blood orange sunday

So, after another long pause (I’m not even going to apologies) I write you to just let you know I fixed some minor bugs in the website and having a kid takes up a lot of time. Christmas was very nice. It was good to have a really slow pace after a few hectic weeks at home. We stayed at my in laws and I (and my wife too) was happy to give of the lady to grandma, grandpa or aunt every once in a while. We even had a super brunch –just the two of us!– at the second day of christmas at the restaurant we went to at our wedding. It’s called Riphahn. Named after the famous architect Wilhelm Riphahn who designed a lot of buildings in Cologne.

Image by Hildchen

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Something new, something old

Something new...

Sorry, for what seems to be a slow death for this blog, but due to work and familiarly situations I have not been able to post anything sensible. I might be honing my programming skills (if any are present at all ;) )in the next few months, so you might expect something too happen here too, because I think I’ll turn this into my little own sandbox ;).

Other than that I am still working on bikes. This time it’s one for the lady: Union Nostalgie. An original Dutch grannie-bike that has been standing around in the rain, snow and sun for the last two years. The old Brooks B130 saddle didn’t like that at all, but after some proofide and a set of shoe laces to get it a bit more back in shape it rides really well! I am using it on my Sparta Pickup for my daily commutes, but I think I need to retension it. The proofide made it much softer!

Something old...