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Graphic section updated

Well, the title says it all. The Graphic section of my portfolio has had it’s first update. Projects that were added are all some older school related projects, but nonetheless worth checking out.

At the moment I am also bussy getting the Photography section up, but that takes a bit more time, because I have a lot of photo’s I have to sort through and there also a lot of new pictures that never went online anywhere. Bare with me, please.

The picture on the right was made for an exhibition in my former art school we called 99,8% Art. More pictures will be posted in the graphic section later on too. Together with three fellow students Matthias Grottendieck, Philipp Giesseler and Thijs Steggink we made a series of super large pictures build up like a normal raster image.

Instead of printing it with a printer, or any other conventionel method we used spraycans in the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Using a beamer, a laptop and some Photoshop we reproduced (famous) images. If you cannot recocknize the picture that is reproduced here, then take a look at it’s original version. Apart from these rasterized images we made some really psychedelic ones with text, mor about that later on!

Rakers Ontwerpt identity


This new website found it’s origin in the businesscards I made lately. They are still waiting to be trimmed, but all the pressing and setting has been done. It was a ton of fun to produce my own cards all by hand. Every letter was set by hand and the wordmark was set, printed, spaced and printed again untill it was perfect.

After a full day’s work in the typefoundry at the ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design in Zwolle I had my letters all set! I find it really satisfactioning to work like this. It takes a lot of time, but it is so worth it. The wordmark has been set using a medium bold Helvetica (24 and 18 pts) and the information beneath it was set using a Bookman Old Style 10 on 12 pts. Continue reading Rakers Ontwerpt identity