Let there be light

Seeds from Blauetikett

Well… After I finally destroyed the massive concrete block in the middle of our garden over the weekend, I started pre-germinating a bunch of seeds for some vegetables and perennials. Using simple egg cartons and peat-free potting soil I got started. Filled up the cartons, pressed in the earth, poured some water laid down seeds and covered them up when needed. Some are kept inside, some are in the cooler (almost “outside temperature”) hallway.

A friend of mine provided me with a bunch of seeds from his own collection and I bought the rest at a German online store called Blauetikett. The dutch friend is going big and started his own edible forrest in Enschede, next to his simple vegetable patches. Go check out his progress over at his website “Modderbaard“. He also has some bee stocks and sells his own raw honey on his website. Tastes awesome!

But before I got to this calming work I had to get rid of the concrete first. I rented a demolition hammer at the local hardware store and I was afraid it was a bit overkill. Turned out it wasn’t. Not by a long shot…

At almost 18 kg and 2000 Watt it was much better than the one I initially wanted to rent, but still took me almost 5 hours to get out everything. During the demolition I thought I smelled something funny and a few minutes later I noticed something that looked like a puddle of water inside the concrete. It wasn’t water. It was beer and that also explained the weird smell. I cut myself too, when I removed some of the debris, but after that I got cautious. I really don’t know why the guy (woman?) who build it put in a full bottle of the local beer (Reissdorf Kölsch to be precise), but I guess I’ll never know since he passed away a few years ago.

After I finally got it all in smaller bits and removed it all from the hole the hardest part was about to come. Or at least the most wearisome… Shoveling the dirt back in to the crater. And piling up the debris. How it looks now, I still need a few qubic meters of soil/earth to top it off, but it looks much better now after months of concrete.

The debris I took out will be partially reused for the foundation of our herb spiral. but that is another story. For now I will need to take care of the seedlings and prepare the 6 beds that we will use for our vegetables in crop rotation. All the shrubs also need to be trimmed and pruned, because they have been neglected for a long time. As well as the bramble that has been making it’s way through the complete garden really needs to be cut down in some places. Loads of work, but also lots of fun.

Community Garden

An Der Ling e.V.

Ever since we got kids, we got bugged by the fact we do not own a garden. Or have a balcony in/at our apartment. Because of that my wife was already on the look out for our own community garden (or allotment garden, you know what I mean). Being as it may, those types of gardens can be populated by pretty narrow-minded people here in Germany. Think: a perfectly cut lawn, a german flag, garden gnomes, pristine flower beds, a large fireplace or grill and of course a luxurious set of garden chairs with matching table and parasol.

We do not really fit that profile and if we ever did get our hands on a plot we would try to live from the garden. Live as in eating, but also to just relax and enjoy it. This fall it just so happened we got our hands on a scruffy, 280 m2 large plot of land. Most of it is just grass with loads of weeds, but the stone house and the fact that it was pretty cheap made us decide to buy it and go for it.

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Workcycles Kr8 × Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Workcycles Kr8 × Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Since we had a small update to the family in June, we needed a way to transport her in our trusty Kr8 cargo bike. You could just put a Maxi-cosi on the floor of such bicycle, but the guys from Workcycles created a small device to make room for the legs of the kid(s) who … Read moreWorkcycles Kr8 × Maxi-Cosi Pebble