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Update in Photography

11Took some time, but the first three galleries are online in my Photography section. Skipping through all those pictures makes me want to get bussy with it again.

Especially the pinhole photo’s. I might have an exposition coming up that might require some pinhole photo’s. I’ll see to that anyway, because man do I love the images that roll out of there. I think it really fit’s the expo’s theme… I can’t say too much about it because not everything is sure, yet.

It will be an expo with my girlfriend, that’s for sure. And it’ll probably be in Enschede too…maybe in the Dynamo?

Rakers Ontwerpt identity


This new website found it’s origin in the businesscards I made lately. They are still waiting to be trimmed, but all the pressing and setting has been done. It was a ton of fun to produce my own cards all by hand. Every letter was set by hand and the wordmark was set, printed, spaced and printed again untill it was perfect.

After a full day’s work in the typefoundry at the ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design in Zwolle I had my letters all set! I find it really satisfactioning to work like this. It takes a lot of time, but it is so worth it. The wordmark has been set using a medium bold Helvetica (24 and 18 pts) and the information beneath it was set using a Bookman Old Style 10 on 12 pts. Continue reading Rakers Ontwerpt identity

Hello world!

2244929244_dbaecea66f_mWell, there you have it. The very first post on my brand new portfolio website. The old one wasn’t easy to update and was really not well made. If you still want to get back to that old version you have to look overhere.

This new (WordPress based) website is based on a template I found on line and that was heavily modified by me. A personal design and a lot of CSS-ing later this website was finished and ready for it”s content. That”s what keeps you waiting at the moment I suppose, but don’t worry. Updates will be made!

If you find any flaws in the website, please be so kind to send me. There were some errors while getting this blog to work online and I would like it to run perfect!