Tools of the trade (pt .1)

Ricoh SLX 500

Some of you might know I have a fondness for analogue photography and the corresponding cameras. Sure, shooting some pictures digital is a lot quicker and most of the time easier too. I also own a digital SLR, but sometimes it’s just so much more relaxing to shoot something analogue. Over the years I collected a few. Some standard 35 mm film but also some that need a roll of 120 film. I don’t really have a preference for a type of film, but sometimes medium format’s large negatives make for cleaner and clearer pictures.

It all started with a Ricoh SLX 500 that I found in my parents attic (this is the standard procedure I think, haha) in 2004. It was a nice set all snugly kept away in a special carrying case. The set consisted of

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Update in Photography

Took some time, but the first three galleries are online in my Photography section. Skipping through all those pictures makes me want to get bussy with it again. Especially the pinhole photo’s. I might have an exposition coming up that might require some pinhole photo’s. I’ll see to that anyway, because man do I love … Read moreUpdate in Photography