Identity Rooswinkel financiële diensten

client: Rooswinkel Financiële Diensten (while employed by TriMM Interactive Media) (2009)

materials: Adobe Illustrator CS4

assignment: Marloes Rooswinkel, owner of Rooswinkel financiële diensten (RoFiD) asked for a complete identity including businesscards, stationary and a website.

After a first session with her I established a few values on which the whole design is based. We had a nice chat in which she told me more about herself and her background and she also brought along some printouts of competitors website’s. After discussing these examples and the interview I cristalized the following words to be the base for the design:

  • Graceful, but not too frivolous;
  • Classical, but not boring;
  • Calm;
  • Open;
  • Familiar;

You can read more about the design proces here.

Printing was done on Conqueror Smooth Satin by Asbreuk Drukkerij. The website was coded and build by TriMM interactive media.

RoFiD - Website Screenshot

RoFiD - Stationary

RoFiD - Business Card (front)

RoFiD - Business Card (back)

RoFiD - Stationary