NXP Online Media Map

client: NXP Semiconductors (while employed by TriMM Interactive Media) (2009)

materials: Adobe Illustrator CS4

assignment: NXP asked GriDD to give them a clear view on the complete online environment that is relevant for all NXP businesslines. GriDD asked me to transform that whole list of websites, percentage of NXP mentions, percentage of engagement, et cetera into one visual. Since we are talking an environment and people cannot completely remember the whole overview I thought of a metromap. And a metromap isn’t a map when you can’t fold it and tuck it in your pocket.

Eventually two versions were made. A poster that got framed and hangs on the wall and a lot of map versions that were handed out at conferences and as presents.

NXP Online Media Map - The final result

NXP Online Media Map - Close up 1

NXP Online Media Map - Close up 2

NXP Online Media Map - Legenda

NXP Online Media Map