Workshop with Tjouke Hallingma

client: School assignment (2006)

materials: Pen and ink, watercolor

assignment: Illustration workshop with Tjouke Hallingma including two different assignments.
First make illustrations while listening to a) The Book of Love from Peter Gabriel and b) I like Birds from Eels. Second create three different versions based on the poem ‘La Vida Triste’. The different versions visualize the perspective of the reader, the loved one and the wrighter.

Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love:

Peter Gabriel - The Book of Love

Eels – I Like Birds

Eels - I Like Birds

La Vida Triste, reader’s perspective:

La Vida Triste, reader's perspective

La Vida Triste, loved one’s perspective:

La Vida Triste, loved one's perspective

La Vida Triste, wrighter’s perspective:

La Vida Triste, wrighter's perspective