Pinhole Memoires

client: Free work (2008)

materials: Dirkon Paper pinhole camera and a roll of Ilford PAN-F+ (50 ISO)

assignment: I made a paperpinhole camera and wanted to take pictures that fit the dreamy feel that these pictures have. I started taking pictures of places that have a special value for me personally. I used to play here as a kid, or the little road down to the farm were I used to buy eggs.

The highway in the last picture was were me and my father used to wave at the truckers passing by. Due to the long shuttertime the road looks empty. Just like the busstop picture where the text ‘Het betere leven’ (The better life) seems to float in mid-air. Pinhole photography has so much atmosphere and a really special touch.







And this is the camera in action (taking the first picture of this set) in the GJ van Heekpark in Enschede, The Netherlands.


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