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Blood orange sunday

So, after another long pause (I’m not even going to apologies) I write you to just let you know I fixed some minor bugs in the website and having a kid takes up a lot of time. Christmas was very nice. It was good to have a really slow pace after a few hectic weeks at home. We stayed at my in laws and I (and my wife too) was happy to give of the lady to grandma, grandpa or aunt every once in a while. We even had a super brunch –just the two of us!– at the second day of christmas at the restaurant we went to at our wedding. It’s called Riphahn. Named after the famous architect Wilhelm Riphahn who designed a lot of buildings in Cologne.

Image by Hildchen

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Quiet place

Staatsforst Ville

Last week was a blast. I started my new job as an art director over at Milk. Very different from where I worked in the Netherlands before. First of all I don’t have to remember 75 names of my colleagues, 15 will do for now and I can finally ride my bike to work again! If that wasn’t enough I went for a nice 75 kilometer long ride last weekend as Sunday turned out to be dry ánd sunny. It was a bit cold and I got some comments on the fact that I was wearing shorts, but “they are just a bit cold the first 3 kilometers”. This time I didn’t forget my camera and took some nice pictures in Staatsforst Ville near Hackenbroich.

New workhorse: Pedaleur Criterium

Pedaleur Criterium
Since yesterday there has been a new bike in my posession. It’s a really weird meltinpot of all kind of brands and ages. The frame is probably from 1975 (since 75 is stamped in the head tube) and most of the parts are also from that period. Except for the back wheel: it has a Fiamme rim from the 50’s and an old french Pelissier Model Plume hub. I think the bike has been costum made by a bikeshop in Doetinchem called ‘Pedaleur’. Worht mentioning is the bottom bracket lug, I think that is a Nervex Pro lug, allthough the other lugs aren’t.

I’ll post up a nice list of all the parts later, for now you’ll just have to do with this gallery.

I am currently bussy disassembling the whole bike and all its parts, make a list of all the parts brands, models and year of manufacturing. After that they get cleaned, polished and the whole bike will be put back together!


The Official 1978 Gent’s Touring Specifications

Everyone who owns (or thinks he owns) a Koga Miyata bike from 1978 will have run into the fact that the specifications sheet for that year isn’t online on the Koga website. All the other years are represented with a brochure showing all the different bikes and their spec sheets except 1978. For that year only the folder with the pictures of the bikes can be found.

Untill I received a comment from Mr. Dekker. He told me he was just starting to take his Gent’s Touring (GT) from 1978 apart and asked me if I was interested in the spec sheet. Of course I was! He mailed me some scans that I put together in 1 PDF-document. It can be downloaded below (and also shows the Road Mixed and the Silver Ace):

1978 Koga Miyata Gent’s Touring Specifications Sheet

I also asked him to mail me scans from the complete booklet so that it can be added to the Koga website, but I haven’t heard from him since. Mr. Dekker in case you read this would you be so kind to mail me those scans? Thanks a lot!


It’s not that I am a lazy sun’bitch, but I am just super bussy right now. It’s only two months before I have to find and start my new job somewhere here in Cologne (or just outside of it) and I just keep pushing it ahaed of me. The intented daily comic didn’t really work out and made me think a lot about this picture (and the I mean that right panel). So I layed of the drawing and focused more on my job and my bikes. I have been riding a lot lately, but I won’t bother you with the details. I do want to bother you with the fact that I am planning to ride the Eroica next year… Would you just look at this:

But I shouldn’t get a head of myself. First there will have to be another job, but before that happens I am back into updating my portfolio, start writing my résumé, design and create my portfolio (analog or cd?), getting letters of recommendation from my mananger and maybe some clients and whole lot more… Wish me luck!