Tools of the trade (pt .1)

Ricoh SLX 500

Some of you might know I have a fondness for analogue photography and the corresponding cameras. Sure, shooting some pictures digital is a lot quicker and most of the time easier too. I also own a digital SLR, but sometimes it’s just so much more relaxing to shoot something analogue. Over the years I collected a few. Some standard 35 mm film but also some that need a roll of 120 film. I don’t really have a preference for a type of film, but sometimes medium format’s large negatives make for cleaner and clearer pictures.

It all started with a Ricoh SLX 500 that I found in my parents attic (this is the standard procedure I think, haha) in 2004. It was a nice set all snugly kept away in a special carrying case. The set consisted of

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