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Workcycles Kr8 × Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Since we had a small update to the family in June, we needed a way to transport her in our trusty Kr8 cargo bike. You could just put a Maxi-cosi on the floor of such bicycle, but the guys from Workcycles created a small device to make room for the legs of the kid(s) who sit on the bench.

This invention is in fact just a small raised platform that raises the Maxi-cosi a bit of the ground and also moves it a bit more forward. This provides more legroom for the kid on the bench. The riser comes with pretty stainless hardware and if returned to the shop they will give you back 50 Euros (as a voucher for the shop, but still).

For future reference I took pictures of all the steps involved. It is not that hard, but I couldn’t find some sort of manual so I thought, I’d make one. All pictures are uploaded in my Flickr stream and can be seen here: Workcycles Kr8 × Maxi-Cosi Pebble.