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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Just finished a very small and quick assignment for a relative. People who just graduated (or maybe also years after) will recognise the situation where a family member asks you to ‘design a pretty *fill in what you do best*’. The few times I did that before taught me to stay away from situations like this, but this one needed to be done… The relative has her own beauty salon with pedicure at home. Here business had two different fonts, 4 different font styles and the complete colour spectrum was present. It was literally screaming for a redesign. And so I did. Just click on the image below to see more.

Business cards Kristine Lambertz

Because she is just running a small business the number of prints was also very low. Because of that I decided to try out an online business card printer called Moocards. I must say that they did a really nice job. You can either upload your own designs (like I did) or use some standard templates. The fonts are not really complete as I heard they use some faux bold for their bold typefaces. Too bad, but as long as you used your own designs there is nothing wrong with it!