Community Garden

An Der Ling e.V.

Ever since we got kids, we got bugged by the fact we do not own a garden. Or have a balcony in/at our apartment. Because of that my wife was already on the look out for our own community garden (or allotment garden, you know what I mean). Being as it may, those types of gardens can be populated by pretty narrow-minded people here in Germany. Think: a perfectly cut lawn, a german flag, garden gnomes, pristine flower beds, a large fireplace or grill and of course a luxurious set of garden chairs with matching table and parasol.

We do not really fit that profile and if we ever did get our hands on a plot we would try to live from the garden. Live as in eating, but also to just relax and enjoy it. This fall it just so happened we got our hands on a scruffy, 280 m2 large plot of land. Most of it is just grass with loads of weeds, but the stone house and the fact that it was pretty cheap made us decide to buy it and go for it.

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