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It’s not that I am a lazy sun’bitch, but I am just super bussy right now. It’s only two months before I have to find and start my new job somewhere here in Cologne (or just outside of it) and I just keep pushing it ahaed of me. The intented daily comic didn’t really work out and made me think a lot about this picture (and the I mean that right panel). So I layed of the drawing and focused more on my job and my bikes. I have been riding a lot lately, but I won’t bother you with the details. I do want to bother you with the fact that I am planning to ride the Eroica next year… Would you just look at this:

But I shouldn’t get a head of myself. First there will have to be another job, but before that happens I am back into updating my portfolio, start writing my résumé, design and create my portfolio (analog or cd?), getting letters of recommendation from my mananger and maybe some clients and whole lot more… Wish me luck!

Dat Wasser vun Kölle es jot

Well, I have all moved to Cologne with my girlfriend now. Things are coming along nicely, but it always takes up massive amounts of time before you are really —and I mean really, really— settled. Good thing I like to work with my hands and have a nice tool collection to work with. Kitchens needed to be built, closets needed the be set up and chairs needed to be painted. Sometimes I think I should become a carpenter! Little bit of the product designer in me that makes my fingers itch, I guess.

Working with my hands is what I like and that made me think of some old school work I did that wasn’t on the website already. Simple redesign of a matchbox and some ‘shoebox’ pictures based on the lyrics of DJ Shadows Six Days. Apart from the schoolwork there is a lot more that needs to be uploaded, but I have to get approval from the big bosses first… Very frustrating to have very nice work laying on the shelve, but you can’t show it to the world… Aargh! To hell with legal issues!

Ow and by the way, the titled is written in the dialect of Cologne meaning “the water of Cologne is good”. Since it is pooring with rain today I thought it was appropriate.

Rakers Ontwerpt business cards

Well, folowing the business cards of Kristine earlier this week it is now time for my own cards. I wrote a post about the production a while ago and maybe it’s just me, but designing and producing your own business cards is really satisfying. The wordmark has been set using a medium bold Helvetica (24 and 18 pts) and the information beneath it was set using a Bookman Old Style 10 on 12 pts. I have to be honest… The cards were long finished, but I haven’t had the time to take some decent pictures of them. Untill I shot Kristine’s that is!  Go click below and enjoy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Just finished a very small and quick assignment for a relative. People who just graduated (or maybe also years after) will recognise the situation where a family member asks you to ‘design a pretty *fill in what you do best*’. The few times I did that before taught me to stay away from situations like this, but this one needed to be done… The relative has her own beauty salon with pedicure at home. Here business had two different fonts, 4 different font styles and the complete colour spectrum was present. It was literally screaming for a redesign. And so I did. Just click on the image below to see more.

Business cards Kristine Lambertz

Because she is just running a small business the number of prints was also very low. Because of that I decided to try out an online business card printer called Moocards. I must say that they did a really nice job. You can either upload your own designs (like I did) or use some standard templates. The fonts are not really complete as I heard they use some faux bold for their bold typefaces. Too bad, but as long as you used your own designs there is nothing wrong with it!

Golden Treasure

Searching through my works to post up on this website I stumbled upon the cover I designed a few years ago for the first EP by the Golden Receivers! I am still really proud of my very first, mass produced album cover. The band are friends of mine and I am glad they came to me for the design. They are now working on a third EP which should be released very soon. I already listened to the songs and they are completely different, but in a very good way (for the connoiseurs; more in the direction of ‘Explosions in the Sky‘). Longer songs with more dynamics and less vocals. Click below to go directly to the page or navigate your way through the menu above.

Album cover - Golden Receivers

PS: I also added some package shots to the Travelogue “Ich Hab’s”. You can now check out the complete movie and view the box it comes in.