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Freshing things up

Well, since I was updating some content on my website I also tweaked the theme a bit. Started from scratch with a blank theme so this one is almost only made by me. Almost.As for my future: I started sketching some of my résumé ideas, but I’m also thinking of turning it into a small animation. Just something simple in AFX, we’ll see what comes out. As for now, you’ll have to do with this funny facial picture.

Faces everywhere!

PS: Notice the fancy randomized header image I added, sweeet!


It’s not that I am a lazy sun’bitch, but I am just super bussy right now. It’s only two months before I have to find and start my new job somewhere here in Cologne (or just outside of it) and I just keep pushing it ahaed of me. The intented daily comic didn’t really work out and made me think a lot about this picture (and the I mean that right panel). So I layed of the drawing and focused more on my job and my bikes. I have been riding a lot lately, but I won’t bother you with the details. I do want to bother you with the fact that I am planning to ride the Eroica next year… Would you just look at this:

But I shouldn’t get a head of myself. First there will have to be another job, but before that happens I am back into updating my portfolio, start writing my résumé, design and create my portfolio (analog or cd?), getting letters of recommendation from my mananger and maybe some clients and whole lot more… Wish me luck!

Lighting sets the mood

Garden Lights ConceptOnce in a while you might rediscover some older work you completely forgot about. Last week I did. While looking for work to publish on my portfolio I stumbled upon this project I did about a year ago.

The idea was to create a unique and special display for a garden light company. They already had some nice brochures with good looking photography and an own personalised display in several outdoor/garden shops, but I wanted to take it a bit further

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Worker Bee

Philipp grinding his teeth over a project in art school (February 2008)It’s been really quiet around here lately I know and I kind of regret it, but on the other hand I am not really in the mood for writing a lot these days. I am partially working on another personal blog that’ll be more focused on my ‘new’ life in Cologne. I don’t think I am an artist in the true sense of the word, but a part of the artist inside me screams that this big change in my life cannot go unnoticed. To still that hunger I am planning to blog. Also to keep my family and friends posted of my well being (and doing!).

To be honest I have been pretty bussy with working at TriMM lately. We decided to postpone my farewell at TriMM so that gives me and them a bit more time to find a next job/co-worker. Just yesterday I made a list with all the web related work I want to add to this site so that potential employers get a better idea and picture of me. Or atleast my work.

Updates will be made, but for now let me reward you with a nice link to 50 great examples of infographics!

Dat Wasser vun Kölle es jot

Well, I have all moved to Cologne with my girlfriend now. Things are coming along nicely, but it always takes up massive amounts of time before you are really —and I mean really, really— settled. Good thing I like to work with my hands and have a nice tool collection to work with. Kitchens needed to be built, closets needed the be set up and chairs needed to be painted. Sometimes I think I should become a carpenter! Little bit of the product designer in me that makes my fingers itch, I guess.

Working with my hands is what I like and that made me think of some old school work I did that wasn’t on the website already. Simple redesign of a matchbox and some ‘shoebox’ pictures based on the lyrics of DJ Shadows Six Days. Apart from the schoolwork there is a lot more that needs to be uploaded, but I have to get approval from the big bosses first… Very frustrating to have very nice work laying on the shelve, but you can’t show it to the world… Aargh! To hell with legal issues!

Ow and by the way, the titled is written in the dialect of Cologne meaning “the water of Cologne is good”. Since it is pooring with rain today I thought it was appropriate.