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Gute Nacht Freunde

Well, that’s it! Today was my last day at TriMM interactive media. After finishing my Bachelor study Art&Communication Design at the ArtEZ here in Enschede in the Netherlands I started working there and in the last three years I learned a lot. About webdesign, about design in general, about people, aboute clients, about myself, about my colleagues, about software… And so on, and so on.

I will not bother you with details and long stories, but expect some reminiscing in the nex few weeks, haha. For all you none German readers, the above song was originally written by Reinhard Mey and performed by the duo Inga & Wolf at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1972. The first sentance (and title) read: “Good night my friends, it’s time for me to leave.”

Working class hero

Jeez, building this portfolio takes a lot more time then I thought. Currently I am bussy exporting and uploading various movies onto my YouTube account. If there is one thing I learned during my study, it is that exporting or rendering movies always takes you thrice the time you thought it would. Something goes wrong, codec isn’t right, sound is screwed up, images is distorted… I should just stick to photography and graphic work I guess, hehe. Despite all those trouble I hereby declare the Video & Animation section opened! You can now see my first flipbook, the big ass Travelogue I did together with a fellow student and a preview of the pMp Lab #0708 rehearsels:

If you take a good look you can even spot Miss Montreal in the dressing room! Ow, hell, she is already in the preview picture I see now.

And in the category manual labor: I am so glad I found back this tutorial on book making: The Basic Binding of Books by Jamier Butler. Go read it and go do it!