NXP High speed computing

client: NXP Semiconductors – while employed by TriMM Interactive Media (2011)

materials: After Effects CS5

assignment: NXP makes chips that are used in energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs. For their new campaign (which is a about high speed computing) we created an animating header. The animation explains how and what the chips exactly do that they sell. Or as it is written on the campaign site:

To enable new and advanced computing applications, interface technology must support higher speeds, provide excellent signal integrity, extend core functionality, and bridge old standards with the new. NXP addresses each of these challenges with the fastest multiplexer/demultiplexer switches and level shifters along with a wide selection of connectivity bridges and innovative redrivers.

The main idea was to create raw and cluttered input data streams and two nice sleek and fast output data streams. Using loads of filters in After Effects this was the result: