pMp Lab #0708 – Re__, a remix

client: Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis (2007)

materials: Video mixers, beamers and screens, monitors, dvd’s and a whole lot of ideas


PMP Lab, the breeding ground for young talent Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis (PMP), presented in collaboration with students from the faculties Popacademie, Media and Music Academy of the art of ArtEZ School of the Arts, the multi-disciplinary research Re__, a remix.

Re__, a remix, rewind, reflect, replay, a reliving of the past while confronting the present.Things always come back without it you knowing it. The year 2007 was hip, but was it original? In Re__, a remix, you are confronted with trends and their origins. Old and new material from film, (live) music and art is under the microscope, returned to the essence and reproduced true to a new ‘hype’ anno 2008. Several musicians, visual artists and give word, in a carefully created chaos in songwriting, soundscapes, covers, vocals and three-dimensional objects with image, an illuminating look at the past and present.

source: Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis

pMp Lab #0708

Photography by Thijs de Lange