Travelogue “Ich hab’s”

client: Bureau Keteninformatisering Werk & Inkomen [Agency for Chain Computerization Work & Income] (2007)

materials: Silkscreen printing on cardboard, 24 hours of material, Final Cut Pro and a little DVD burning software

assignment: The Dutch BKWI asked us to create a complete travelogue from their three-day expedition to Berlin in the end of May 2007. Together with former classmate Matthias Grottendieck (Ger.) we travelled with them and recorder every step, every lecture (in German) and every move of the trip. This resulted in twenty-four hours of raw material that needed to be compressed in to a twenty minute movie. And we succeeded. We went completely overboard and designed and made the whole package too. Silkscreen printed DVD’s and corresponding covers.

DVD Cover - Front

DVD Cover - Back

DVD Cover - Inside

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

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